ADDI - Addi EasyKnit Rocket

Great for socks, sleeves and other small circumference knitting!

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Why struggle with DPNs or short tipped circular needles when you can use EasyKnits?

Addi EasyKnit circulars are cleverly designed to allow, well, easy knitting on a small circumference. These 10” circular needles have one short tip and one long tip to help you comfortably grasp the needle while knitting!

Featuring addi’s signature hollow brass core, which is light weight while providing strength, with the smooth turbo plating that you have come to expect. The shorter tip is a rounded Turbo point and the longer is a sharp Rocket point, allowing the knitter to use the tip that is right for the project at hand.

Sized from 2 - 5mm they are great for socks, sleeves and other small circumference knitting!

This innovative product is sure to turn your small project into a big success!

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