Cocoknits - Cocoknits Fuzz Off Comb

Keep your garments looking fresh with the Fuzz Off Comb.

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Julie designed the Fuzz Off Comb because she was unsatisfied with the depill tool options available to her. Sweater rakes can be too rough and inefficient, and razor blades can be dangerous and hard to use. The Fuzz Off Comb's patent-pending design is more gentle, efficient, and precise than typical tools, while still being safe and easy to use (and environmentally friendly!). Click the link to learn Why the Cocoknits Depill Tool is Unique.

How to Use:
Gently glide in one direction along the surface of your knitting or fabric.

Keep your garments looking fresh with the Fuzz Off Comb. It efficiently picks up troublesome pills and fiber fuzz build-up. Simply shave the fuzz off of your handmade or store-bought knits, wool garments, workout clothes, and more!. The compact size makes it easy to take on-the-go (when folded, it fits in our Accessory Roll). Because Cocoknits is committed to avoiding plastic wherever possible, the handle is manufactured from PLA, a 100% biodegradable plant fiber.

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