The Sock Ruler Junior

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I needed something unique that I could stick right into the sock, hold it completely flat and provide a truly accurate measurement, whether knitting from the toe up or the cuff down - the answer to my measuring woes manifested ingeniously as the Sock Ruler! - Denise, Founder & CEO of The Sock Ruler.

The Sock Ruler is an innovative measuring tool for sock knitters. It goes inside your sock, allowing you to measure it flat for a more accurate measurement, in both metric and imperial. Easy to use, say good-bye to tape measure blues. Also handy for measuring mittens and gloves. 

The Sock Ruler measures both cuff-down and toe-up!

Cuff-down it measures:

  • Length of cuff
  • Distance from top of cuff to start of heel flap
  • Distance from finished heel to start of decrease for toe 

Toe-up it measures: 

  • Distance from toe to start of heel
  • Distance from finished heel to start of cuff
  • Length of cuff ​

This is the junior size, containing two rulers; one for infants and one for children.

There is a great demonstration of how to use this tool by Susan B. Anderson here.

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