ChiaoGoo - ChiaoGoo Forté 2.0 Interchangeable Needle Set 4500-C

They're here! The stunning Forté 2.0 interchangeable needle set has arrived at Unwind!

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ChiaoGoo's newest Special Edition interchangeable set, the Forté 2.0, includes tips that are an elegant combination of sleek stainless steel combined with Carbon Fibre or African Blackwood.(The smaller sized tips are made with Carbon and the larger with Blackwood.)

The set boasts the new SWIV360 interchangeable cables. Silver in colour, these cables have the same properties as the much-loved red and blue TWIST cables, PLUS an added swivel feature!

In addition to the SWIV cables, TWIST red cables are included for the small [S] sized tips. Each threaded steel join is laser etched with the tip diameter and join size, which will never wear off. All Forté parts and pieces have [S] or [L] size joins, so they are compatible with all similarly coded interchangeable parts.

Made of REACH compliant man-made material, the Forté case is just as elegant and functional as the tips and cables. It includes a double-sided, removable needle board that firmly houses all tips; elastic that securely holds but gives easy access to accessories; and four pockets to hold the rest of your knitting supplies including a spot for your pattern or notes. And, true to the other ChiaoGoo cases, it opens book-style with a full zipper enclosure to ensure that nothing falls out.

The Forté set includes 14 pairs of 5” (13 cm) tips US 2 - 15 (2.75 - 10mm). Each threaded steel join is laser etched with the tip diameter and join size which will not wear off ever. The set comes with six memory-free SWIV360 cables, steel scissors, a measuring tape, end stoppers, stitch markers, darning needles, a swatch/needle gauge and much more! Plus, all Forté parts and pieces have [S] or [L] size joins so they are switchable with all of all the other similarly coded interchangeable parts.

Included in the Forté 2.0 set:

  • 14 pairs of 5" (13 cm) tips:
    • US 2 - US 8 (2.75 - 5.00mm) - Carbon Fibre shaft with stainless steel tips and joins;
    • US 9 - US 15 (5.50 - 10.00mm) - African Blackwood shaft with stainless steel tips and joins;
  • REACH-compliant zippered case;
  • Six memory-free SWIV360 cables (14", 22", and 30" in both small [S] and large [L] joins;
  • Three memory-free TWIST red cables (14", 22", and 30" in small [S] joins);
  • Steel scissors, a measuring tape, pen, end stoppers, cable connectors, tip adapters, stitch markers, darning needles, and swatch/needle gauge.

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