Cocoknits - Cocoknits Small Colourful Stitch Markers

Your favourite, stylish, magnetic stitch markers but smaller

C$14.99 Excl. tax
Quantity: 3

What makes Cocoknits Colourful Stitch Markers so great? Like many of the Cocoknits tools product line, these steel-based, nylon coated markers are magnetic. More and more bags and cases now include an accessory magnet, and adding a magnet to any knitting cove means you have your markers at the ready whenever you need.

The colours are not only fun and versatile, they are an integral part of the Cocoknits Method, in which the knitter uses specific colors to mark sleeves, body, front left, front right, etc. which correspond to the same colors on the Cocoknits Method Worksheet.

Small markers are super smooth, fit needles up to 4.5mm and are perfect for socks and smaller gauge projects.

Contains 60 markers (10 of each colour)


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