Moosehill Woodworks - Yarn Holder

Knitters enjoy use of this holder to help to manage and dispense yarn in an even tangle free manner.

Quantity: 21

An ingenious and beautiful tool that holds a cake-style ball of yarn, turning smoothly and silently as you work. The centre post rotates as yarn unfurls from the outside of the ball, so no twist is added or taken away, eliminating the pesky unplying. And no more tugging or yarn-barf! The stable yet compact design of the base prevents the yarn holder from tipping.

Each yarn holder is crafted using up-to three different hardwoods for the base, mount, and spindle. Each one is a unique, artisan-made product. Your yarn holder may be different than pictured depending on the woods used.

For a demo on how to use them, see John's Youtube video here.

Top quality design and workmanship are guaranteed.

Handmade in New Brunswick from found and foraged Canadian hardwoods. 

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